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Djembe-L FAQ

The best website and global e-list, (see below) on the Net, dedicated to fostering the knowledge and understanding of West African drum, dance, tradition and connecting our community, together, via the Internet.

Djembe-L FAQ brings forth an enriched compendium of information and instruction on Djembe and West African drum and dance, including a listing of global African dance and drum teachers, rhythms, tuning, West African drum circles, Study Camps, and How to Play. Compiled from correspondence among members of our Global mail list, Djembe-L, including a combination of Frequently Asked Questions & Resource Material on various hand drum topics, including how to reskin a djembe, how to build a drum and where to learn. 

This compendium, while copyrighted to prevent unauthorized commercial use, is offered, freely, for the education of all interested in djembe drum, dance, West African tradition, ceremony and culture.

Living Energy Chemical free natural products to enhance well being

Information for lovers of travel                                                                       -- The Online Guide to Travel.
The Online Guide to Travel

 African Safari Guide 
Check out popular African safari destinations and tours.
Consider the information on safari equipment. Learn more about hunting
in Africa: seasons, game, equipment and customs. 

Tourist paradise

A directory where you may find your ideal holiday if you don't come with us right now.

Vegetarian Holidays
Holidays and short breaks in Britain, Turkey, Peru, Africa, the Caribbean and beyond. Great vegetarian/vegan food. Small friendly groups. Environment oriented company run by its founder, Swiss-trained chef and yoga teacher, Nigel Walker.

 Find quality vegetarians sites

Travel Junkies directory

Guide to the best value travel.

Tuning Sabar drums

 How to tune those wonderful sabar drums - it's easier than you think!

Blue turtle logo

Demal200 - A new and highly effective homoeopathic treatment/prophylaxis for all strains of Malaria which is gaining rapid acceptance amongst Overland Tour Operators, Safari Camps, Local Corporations and Private Individuals throughout Africa. Dispensed as a spray under the tongue; it is very convenient to use; it tastes good; is very suitable for children; nursing and pregnant mothers and; long term use.
Car rental & fishing trips. Check their website for all details. British owned / run company.

Alla La Dorroo .

Guesthouse in the bush near Brikama.  If you decide to book in at Alla La Dorro, say you came through us to get special service!

A great B+B on Dartmoor,with organic food, Devon, UK. Also a recording studio.

Griots / Jalis

Poetic text & great photography.

Tuning a Kora

How to tune a kora - it's as hard as it looks!

Making a Kora

Build your own kora

More about Kora & Jalis

Some history and some kora making intructions.

A history of the Djembe etc..

One version of the history, maybe not 'The definative' one, but interesting article nontheless.

Benefits of drumming

A list of links to articles about the uses and benefits of drumming in various situations.

Athropological studies of West African peoples.

I really enjoy the creation 'myths', there is a lot here that will help you understand 'the Mande people', at the level of their core beliefs, subconsciouness and psyche.


Translate words or pages on this site.

The mysterious Gambian stone circles

Some descriptions, theories and speculations, including Lay Line geometries.
Bakau Vacation Rentals
URL speaks for itself. A big site with lots of different treks and tours. provides mega yachts, motor, sailing & corporate yachts for charter & also luxury cars, private jets, limousines, resorts, villas, islands and brand new & second hand yachts for rent and luxury travel vacations in Greece & Mediterranean.

Canal holidays in UK

Narrowboat holidays available for holidays in UK . Comfortable modern Narrow boats equipped with heating, hot water, showers, 240v electricity, television . Ideal for exploring midlands waterways or canals.

Ali's Album of December 2008. 

Album of Steve's Holiday pix

Steve was with us January 2006 and is planing a return to meet up with the other guests that were here at the same time.

Julanguel Project

A group of Catalans, from Spain, stayed with us in February 2006 they were developing irrigation for bananna plantations in arid areas inland. This is their blog page which has some great photos of Gambia and its people.

Cartoon of a scooter on a map of Africa
To Africa from France on scooters!

They may be mad. They're certainly adventurous. We are supporting them all the way!

Holistic Heartbeat

The Silencio Web Directory. Find alternative and complementary practitioners and organizations , health centres, retreats and spas in your area.

Silencio Music

Inspiring creative music for enhanced relaxation, meditation and bodywork.

Madiyana Lodge on Jinnek 
Peace, tranquility, no cars, no electric, nothing but beautiful nature. We always suggest a  trip to Jinnek for our guests as a contrast to all the activity on the mainland.

The Plymouth Banjul Challenge
Next December/January, why not drive an old car from Plymouth to Banjul and leave it there. The Guesthouse is just down the road from the end of this fantastically mad event.  You'll probably need somewhere to relax afterwards.

Bed & Breakfast Directory
Description: The Bed & Breakfast Directory offers information and contact details for hundreds of B&B's across the UK and further afield.

World travel directory

Hotels in Cairns Australia -Cairns Hotels and Accommodation for the best hotels in Cairns book online for discount rates.

Find hotels in The Gambia

Travel Accommodation

African Music Links

Out of Africa
Celebrating the history of Afro-music culture


See here for more Holiday Guest Houses in Africa
All about New Zealand Travel & Tourism