Guest house prices/rates

Please check online for flights. We don't have any connection with any of the flight search engines, nor any flight companies. Please search for 'Charter Flights' as 'scheduled flights' are much more expensive. .
The cost of Half Board 

Our basic rate is £150 per week, per single person for a room on half board (breakfast and evening meal). We find many people have very little for lunch when here, it being a very hot part of the day. Also many people will often be out and about at lunch time, so we don't want to charge you for something you are not getting. So we don't have full board rates.
However you can organise a lunch for yourselves, as and when you might want it. You only need to go shop for some salad, for example. You have the freedom to do your own thing for lunch/snacks in our kitchen

 We offer discounts for couples, families and groups (see below).

We offer 10% discount on all half board, weekly rates to guests who have stayed with us previously.

We also offer 10% discount on all half board, weekly rates for stays of 3 or more weeks duration.
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 Basic  Weekly Rate (£)

Single: Half Board


Couple:  Half Board


Family (two adults + two children):  Half Board *



Contact us for a price

*This is an example rate for the "typical" family.  We appreciate that many families aren't this typical, so contact us with your requirements and we will negotiate a rate which works for everyone.

Bed and Breakfast Prices
For short stay guests and backpackers, our B&B rates are £12 per person per night. 
Short stay B&B guests miss out on the included pick up at the airport for people staying for at least a week on Half Board. Airport taxis are currently around D800 (at least £12) each way.  If you tell us your flight details, we will be happy to arrange to collect you from the airport, if you make some payment in advance. Obviously we can't bear the expense of taking taxis to the airport with out some guarantee of you being there!

There are a number of good places to eat within a short walk of the guesthouse. BUT Nyima's food is the best in the Gambia, so don't miss out on it. All our guests praise our food.