Our kitchen is fully equipped with fridge, cooker, juicer, electric kettle, cutlery, cooking pots, crockery, double sink and built in cupboards. We keep it stocked with tea, coffee, local herb teas, fruit, jam and marmite, margarine and bread. You can help yourself at any time. Nyima, our chef and good friend, arrives around 5pm daily to clean the kitchen. Whilst she cooks for us, our guests may choose to learn from her about African cuisine. Nyima will invite you to both her late husband's compound and her mother's, where you could learn more about cooking in West Africa. 

Nyima (with her small daughter tied to her back) arrives to cook. 
After dinner Nyima recleans the kitchen and washes up. Nyima makes traditional Gambian dishes, as well as a few western ones, but we speciaise in vegetarian versions, which are very hard to find in West Africa. If you look at the state of the meat in the market, with the sun beating down on it and clouds of flies all over it, you would have to agree that it is safer to be vegetarian while here. We have guests who come specifically for our famous veggie / vegan food, but if no vegetarians are staying while you are here and you are an uncompromising carnivore, we will do our best to serve you. Nyima always listens to our guests feedback about her meals. If they are too spicy, or whatever, you have to let her know, so she can adapt to your tastes. If this means getting meat and/or fish she will be happy to do so, but if you get Banjul belly it's entirely your own fault! She may also ask you to cover the small extra expense involved. Just chat with her about it and you'll soon sort things out to suit you. 
Nyima cooking

Our dinners always have a choice of sauces: spicy, plain tasty or both. Our neighbour Moro, sometimes brings us a very nice fish, straight from the sea to our fridge before flies get on it, so it's safe to eat. Fish is the best non veg compromise as it's easier for Nyima to ensure it is fresh and clean. If you are here on your own, you will notice that the meals are rather substantial. Nyima is a woman of Africa, which means she is used to cooking for large numbers i.e. whole extended families. It's not so easy for her to cook for only one person. By all means tell her to cook less if you have too much. We don't want to waste food. The other option is to ask the friends you are bound to make to join you for the evening meal.

Drinking water
In most of the Greater Banjul Area, the water supply system is fed from deep bore holes; it is adequately chlorinated and considered safe for drinking, just as in UK . However, if you are already used to drinking only bottled water, it is available from supermarkets and some local corner shops. ‘Naturelle’ is The Gambia’s own mineral water bottled by Gamwater in Kanifing. All our guests have been drinking the local tap water, none of them have been ill, most prefer it to UK tap water.