Our Beach

Arguably the best beach in the country, it is 'right on our door step'. 'Our beach' is literally 10 minutes walk from your room and that is not exaggerated estate agent talk!  'Our beach' with some fallen Baobabs, looking northerly towards Banjul.The walk is a pleasant one just on the edge of town. You come out on to the end of Kofi Annan Road, near a restaurant opposite a small mosque, at Cape point, also known as Cape St Mary. There is also an ATM in this road. The beach has miles of sand bordered by mangrove and nothing else, as you can see in these photos. 'Our beach' looking southerly, towards the headland at Cape Point.
From 'our beach' you can walk around the headland, exploring the variety of the coastline. Parts are wild and rocky, other parts are sheltered and sandy. Sometimes it is possible to 'beach-walk' the few kilometres all the way from 'our beach' to Banjul, depending on tides. In the other direction, you could walk all the way to the 'Senegambia' tourist strip, entirely on the beach or on small paths on the cliffs. Erosion of the coast by the sea sometimes prevents that and you'll have to take to more inland paths at times.Coastal path, at Cape Point looking towards the 'fishing beach' in the distance. 
Walking round the headland you'll come to the other side of town and the 'working beach' where most of the fishing activity takes place. This one is not so good for swimming because of various forms of pollution. It is an interesting place to visit, to see all the activity and is often very busy.Fishing boat with people getting on & off. Pier in the background.
The beaches 'belonging' to the hotels are not ideal either, as they suffer with a dangerous ripe tide which prevents their use for swimming on many a day. At least they may have the odd life guard or two and occasionally put up warning flags. 
Guests walking on 'our beach'. Café in background
'Our beach' is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. The sand bars, off-shore here, stop all the big waves, so it is calm and peaceful. There are no rocks and it is quite shallow for a long way out. Where you arrive on 'our beach', coming from our guest house, there is a local-run beach bar, café where you can get snacks, full meals, cold beers and soft drinks. The people who run such local places, are our friends and will look after you and your belongings. However, unlike the Fajara / Kololi tourist strip, most of this beach is empty for miles, so if you want 'tourists' to play with, you need to walk down the beach a for a while.
This small video shows 'Our Beach' closest to where we live and not so far from the hotels at the Cape. The picture quality is not very good, it looks like a very dull day, but you'll notice locals swimming, so it must have been a pretty hot and sunny day really!